Blackout Brigade, Be a player not a number

Fed up with flying solo with no one to talk to and living off scraps with no guidance? is your corp dying? well, whatever the reason we might have a home for you here in Null-sec. new, old, or returning looking for new beginnings are welcome in the Brigade. We are a small group deeply embedded in our alliance Already Replaced. No-matter what your play style whether it be business or destruction or the pursuit of enjoyment then we got you covered.

what we got;

  • Strong overall community and cooperation with active leadership
  • Fleet opportunities PVP, Blops, Alliance warfare
  • Access to Null sec Isk making opportunities
  • Alliance level Buyback programs
  • Alliance level SRP programs
  • US/EU tz
  • 7% TAX!

what we want;

  • Omega clone state
  • A working mic and the ability to use Discord/Ts3/Mumble
  • Willingness to learn, we are here to help you
  • Willingness to PVP, no experience necessary, we will gladly work with and train you

If you feel this is the right fit for you then join our ingame channel “Blackout.Pub” or send and Evemail any of our diplos listed below.

The Blackout team
Balthier ultama, CEO
Xarayac quiffin, Speaker

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