Null Pilots - Join the Brigade!

Blackout Brigade is an indy/mining corp with a strong lean toward Combat and PVP content.

We reside in Null Space and are part of a major cooperative alliance with regular mining and PVP ops, access to many moon pulls on a recurring schedule, and a wide range of players willing to help you become a successful NULL Pilot. Whether you are EU or US, there is active content at nearly any time within the Corp and Alliance.

We are currently looking for Miners/Industry driven players, as well as the PVP oriented.

What we offer:

  • Strong community and cooperation

  • Fleet opportunities: Mining ops/moon pulls, various levels of PVP roams, cap umbrellas and more.

  • Buyback program for most materials

  • SRP

  • LOW TAX! More isk in your pocket!

What we require:

  • COMMS! must be able to use discord/Ts3/Mumble

  • Ability to listen to instructions and a willingness to learn

  • Basic fitting skills

For more information, please contact Balthier Ultama or Von Rawr in game. You can also visit our recruitment channel, Blackout Pub, at any time.

Happy Hunting!

Applications are still being accepted.

Applications are still being accepted.

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