Blackout Brigade, Be a part of something

Fed up with flying solo with no one to talk to and living off scraps with no guidance? Is your corp dying? Whatever the reason, we might have a home for you here in null-sec. New, old, or returning looking for new beginnings are welcome in the Brigade. We are a PVP centric corporation with a strong industrial backbone, and are a part of Test Alliance Please Ignore. No-matter what your play style, whether it be business or destruction or the pursuit of enjoyment, we got you covered.

What we got:

  • Strong overall community and cooperation with active leadership
  • Fleet opportunities PVP, Blops, Alliance warfare
  • Access to Null sec Isk making opportunities
  • Buyback programs
  • SRP programs
  • US/EU tz

What we want:

  • Omega clone state
  • Minimum 10mil skill points
  • A working mic and the ability to use Discord/Ts3/Mumble
  • Willingness to learn, we are here to help you
  • Willingness to PVP, no experience necessary, we will gladly work with and train you

If you feel this is the right fit for you, then join our ingame channel “Blackout.Pub” or send and Evemail any of our diplos listed below.

The Blackout team
Balthier ultama, CEO
Und Hsiao, Lickspittle


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dont be afraid to join out ingame channel <Blackout.Pub> and ask a few questions.

RECRUITMENT: OPEN (Referral & ESI Verification Required)


Hi @LowKey_Chandler, thanks for your interest! Please evemail @Balthier_Ultama or join our ingame channel <Blackout.Pub> if you have any concerns or questions about requirements.




Not gonna say dong.

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Happy Saturday (EUTZ) morning!

Come check us out!


As a gift to you all, I’ve decided that until we’ve recruited 50 new pilots, I’m going to post he same picture of Glenn Danzig every day. You’re welcome.

Oh my, I missed a day or two. Glenn expresses his opinion on this below.

Check us out!

I’m sure if asked, Glenn would say “join Blackout Brigade”.

You know what time it is.

Can you spot the difference between yesterday’s and today’s pictures?

Fate has conspired I missed a day. Glenn’s judgement is in the face. I am shamed.

You kow what’s up.

I got something to say …

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