Blackout Brigade, Be a part of something

Mommy, can we go out and kill tonight?

This is Glenn’s opinion of real life interruptions to the posting schedule.

40 eyes, in my head, something something something …

It’s Sunday. Where did Saturday go?

Die, die, die my darling … Goon? :smiley:

Happy Wednesday.

RL. It’s a hell of a drug.

Another day, another photo of Glenn.

Be kind, rewind. Or else.

Will I be your Huckleberry? Ask this guy.

Your own. Personal. Jesus.

Im just randomly looking at your post and it reminds me of the same photo of jeff goldblum everyday and the same photo of Gareth on a rollercoaster everyday on facebook.

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hahaha yeah. There used to be the same photo of Glenn every day on facebook (and possibly twitter, I can’t remember) – this photo to be precise. I’m just trying to carry on the tradition. :slight_smile:

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Speaking of which …

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Can you guess Glenn’s opinion of TIDI?

Mystery guest photo today. Not.

Death is a part of life.

You know who needs a vacation? Probably this guy.

Who needs a week on the beach? I can’t tell if this guy does or not.

Today our new guest host: Surprise! It’s THE SAME HOST!