Liquor Legion Looking for Omega or Alpha Players! and PVP corps!

Know also looking for PVP corps/INDY corps to join our alliance too! <— check it out

Looking for:
Exploration, Alliance Warfare, Small-Scale Gangs, New pilot friendly

Area Of Operations:
0.0 null sec


Minimum skill points requirement:
1 million or 5 million and above

Time Zone 1 12:00-24:00
Time Zone 2 00:00-12:00

Based in null sec, we are continuously looking to expand our range of players.

What we can offer you:

  • Experienced FCS and Directors.
  • Daily Roams, plenty of targets!.
  • Help for PVP virgins!
  • 0.0 Ratting and mining and exploration

What we are looking for:

  • Willingness to PVP roams, ops
  • Previous pvp experience is preferable but not essential
  • Capital pilots
  • Black ops pilots

What we need from you:

  • Active and engage in corp activities
  • Discord - used for comms and pings

If your interested in joining we have what you are looking for please either join BONE Yarrrd in game or message

Dark Banshe3

with an eve mail

Happy Flying! take a look!

Still looking for omega and alpha pilots! lots of fun to be had

Still looking for Pilots and newbros!

bump also looking for PVP corps and INDY corps to join alliance

Genuine question: What is there to do for alpha’s in null? I thought the barriers to entry were such that alphas would just be ship spinning in null.

i have plenty of fits too keep you guys busy buddy decent ratting fits etc that alphas can use

still open and know looking for pvp corps!

still open and looking for PVP corps

bump still looking!





still looking for new bros / old time vets and PVP corps that fancy small gang pvp! and just enjoy the PEW pew!

still looking for pvpers! and pvp corps! willing to join in the fun!

still looking for pvpers

bump! @Dark_Banshe3


still looking for PVP pilots and Corps!

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