Wiyrkomi Heavy Industries

Wiyrkomi Heavy Industries is a member of The Caldari Alliance.

We specialize in mining, manufacturing, and hauling in high-sec. We also have a rich mineral pocket in Null-sec with corp JF services to extract the needed ore to support our operation.

We operate extensive mining operations with the alliance, extracting valuable resources from belts and our moons. We host advanced manufacturing facilities in our high-sec hub with 0% tax and 100% Jita buy-back operations; hauling services and researched BPs are also available.

Wiyrkomi Heavy Industries welcomes pilots of all backgrounds and TZ’s to join our ranks and contribute to our shared success. There is no quota or requirements.

In game channel: Wiyrkomi Heavy Industries

Discord: Wiyrkomi Heavy Industries

Recruiters: Cloud Break, Ruzt, Wazzo,

Thank you,
Wiyrkomi Heavy Industries.


Looking for miners.

Introduced SRP for Corp activities including mining.

Looking for Miners, rocks, ice and moon ore all available.


Expired Discord link

Thank you, I have updated the link. Should be all ok now.

Need more miners to help our manufacturing. 100% Jita Buy 0% Tax

Bump up.

Bump up.