Wonderland Death Squad - Black Ops PMC out of Thera - LGBT

The call goes out “CYNO LIT!!” You heart drops into your stomach. FC calls out “JUMP JUMP JUMP!!!” as your Panther makes the jump. The fleet lands to see a Rattlesnake tackled by your Tengu hunter. You activate your turrets, scrams, webs, neuts, and over heat. Everyone melts the Rattlesnake in less than 20 seconds. “STARBURST AND CLOAK, SHIPS ON D-SCAN” your heart pounds harder than you’ve felt in a long time. You hit he Micro Jump Drive and you are teleported 100km away. You hit the cloak and immediately fly down. The Rattlesnake’s friends arrive on grid, but everyone is gone. It was over in 30 seconds but the adrenaline courses through you.

Wonderland Death Squad is a Black Ops/Covert Ops focused corp. We are based out of Thera to ensure constant and shifting content for members. We’re an LGBT inclusive and safe space in space for all who enjoy hot dropping and putting it all on the line with hit and run tactics.

Eventually, when we have the numbers, we will be also operating as a PMC (Private Military Company) taking contracts to work with other corps in many activities:

  • Train corps for PvP
  • Advise corps on military matters
  • Act as active combatants to support war efforts in all security levels of space

I am already in talks with an undisclosed industrial corp for a lowsec protection contract.

And you? You can fly blops or at least a stealth bomber, T3 cruiser, or anything with a covert ops cloak. You’re hungry for blood. You thirst after the next kill mail. And you enjoy playing cards against humanity while waiting to drop!!

Drop me a mail in-game or

Hey guys, gals and non binary pals, recruitment is still open

Still actively recruiting!

We are still actively recruiting

We are still actively recruiting!!

Still recruiting. Feel free to mail me ingame, hop on discord, or post here!

Still actively recruiting!

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