Wormhole alliance [WHBTW] looking for PVP corps

Hello all

My name is Charrette and I’m the executor of a brand new alliance – Wormhole Poverty Law Foundation [WHBTW]. We’re a group of medium-sized PVP corps looking to add like-minded pvp corps that want to participate in the full range of WH pvp content – evictions, defenses, cap kills – but don’t yet have the numbers. The main idea is that we’re always looking to increase our content stream – the more corps we have scanning wormhole space and poking into null, the more opportunities we – and you – have to kill stuff. Seems pretty simple, no?

We live in a variety of holes that include both high class and low class space. Our decentralization is a point of pride – you will not be asked to leave your home. Our only real requirement is that you’re actually a pvp corp and you actually want to do the things you claim to do. We recruit corps on the basis of attitude and aptitude, not size, so if youre on the smaller side it won’t be a strike against you.

What we offer:

  • Privately hosted Pathfinder mapping service
  • Alliance Discord for day to day comms (each individual corp maintains their own discord comms as well)
  • TS for big ops

There are two ways to contact us – you can contact me directly in game or hop onto our alliance discord. Just wave and someone will be with you shortly.

Still looking for corps that want to do big things.

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