Wormhole Society (WHSOC) wants your corp!

Wormhole Society (WHSOC) is a PVP-centric USTZ/EUTZ alliance whose main goal is to aggressively create content in wormhole space and give its users a strong foundation to grow and expand their PvP capabilities. Though we specialize in small to mid-size gang warfare, we seek to take the mid-sized fleet concept to its limits and take fights well above our weight class whenever possible. Our position in a C4-C3/C5 gives us unique access to content across the entirety of space, for some of the most varied and exciting PvP that you can find.

We are looking to expand our opportunities and need skilled pilots to make this a reality. We are currently accepting applications from corporations (and individuals) seeking to join a WH alliance.

So, why WHSOC?

Because at the end of the day we’re willing to take fights that most people would shy away from, and we emphasize the ability and growth of our pilots above all else. We’re not the most elite, we’re not the biggest, and we’re not going to win every fight we ever take, but we want to have the ability to engage with every kind of content that space has to offer—and that is where you come in. We have an amazing group of people that are always willing to help each other and improve on both an individual and group level, and explore any ideas/concepts that they have.

What WHSOC is about:

  • Good fights. We seek to take every fight we possibly can, and do so as honorably as possible. Blessed are those who fight in accordance with Bob’s will.

  • PVP. We are not a PVE alliance. We do not sponsor, schedule, or arrange PVE activities. Our members are expected to find their own ways to fund their EVE activities as individuals, but PVP comes before all else.

  • Culture. We pride ourselves on our mature, tight-knit community that emphasizes improvement of both the individual and of the alliance. We work hard to maintain the positive atmosphere that exists within the alliance to ensure our members are longing in because they want to, not because they feel like they have to. EVE is a game and, for many, an escape from the world IRL. We provide a place where members can engage in their pastime as intensely or casually as they want, and do so in a relaxed and casual environment.

How we operate:

  • Doctrines. We have big ones, little ones, kitey ones, brawly ones, shield ones, and armor ones. We offer doctrine ships on contract in our home system to allow members easy access to replacing losses. While we require members to keep doctrine ships on hand, we rely heavily on “kitchen sink” and “hunting” ships, which are used more frequently. Members may choose their favorite hulls and fits to use in non-doctrine, day-to-day fights.

  • Participation. We have no number of hours/fights per day/week/month requirement. This is a game, not a job; a hobby, not a lifestyle. We want our members to be as active as possible, but real life always comes first. We do, however, enforce PVP before PVE.

  • Organization. Violence Is The Answer (VITA) is the primary and executor corporation. Core Leadership of VITA constitutes leadership of the alliance. There are also Officers to help assist leadership in specific areas of administrative or day-to-day operations.

  • IT. We have Discord for out-of-game communication and use TeamSpeak for voice communication. We use Tripwire for WH mapping, and SeAT for authentication, automation of roles, and as an information repository.

  • Blues. We have none. We are friendly to almost all groups, but seek fights above all. Today we will punch you in the face, tomorrow we will defend you from eviction, and then on Thursday we will go back to punching you in the face.

Apply if you…

  • Are an experienced, PVP-focused group (or individual), and particularly if you have active FCs or hunters. We want like-minded individuals who seek battle. We are not equipped to teach new-to-PVP players the ropes. We don’t live and die by the killboard, but we do take pride in it.

  • Like WHs. While it is not required that you have experience in WHs, this is a major bonus.

  • Are seeking to work with a larger group while maintaining your individuality. Our alliance lives and operates in one wormhole. We believe in working together day-to-day as a community in practice, and not just under the same banner. Individuals and corps still have the ability to do their own thing to a degree, but the idea is inclusivity of more people = more fun.

  • Want to live in a C4. As I said above, we have that, with C3 and C5 static connections.

  • Are friendly, laid back, and tolerant. We have our serious moments, but don’t take ourselves too seriously overall. You don’t have to love every person in the alliance, but you do have to tolerate everyone.

  • Are an EUTZ or USTZ group. We would love to expand our EUTZ coverage and bolster our existing USTZ.

Do not apply if you…

  • Are PVE-focused. We are not, and we will not provide any semblance of an “iron curtain.” Everyone needs to make ISK, but the primary focus should always be PvP content, with PvE filling the gaps in-between.

  • Have no PVP experience. We are a PVP group seeking PVP groups for PVP. We are not set up or prepared to teach PVP.

  • Prefer k-space fights. If you are wanting to live in a WH but dip out to k-space for all your kills. We are never opposed to looking for fights in LS or NS, but only after we have exhausted our WH chain opportunities.

  • Are looking for bragging rights. Joining WHSOC is not “an achievement.” We will not tolerate using the alliance as a way to intimidate or coerce other corps/alliances.

  • Are risk adverse. If you will only take fights you can win, it will not work out. We are not suicidal, but we do like to “punch up,” challenge ourselves, and take difficult fights that others may shy away from. We want to be known for “that group that shows up.” There is a difference between not having the numbers to take a fight, and not taking a fight where you are outnumbered.

  • Run or roll away from fights. If someone comes to our doorstep looking to fight, we ping, we text, we call on comms to rally everyone we can. We do not (intentionally) roll away or run away from groups.

  • Want to use capital ships in WHs. We live in a C4. If you can’t see the correlation between C4 and no caps, this probably won’t work out.

  • Are not willing to relocate and live in and operate out of our home wormhole. We are looking for people to fly WITH our alliance day-to-day, not simply under our name.

What we offer:

  • A variety of citadels offering full invention, research, reactions, and manufacturing services for members to use.

  • In-home market. As mentioned, we have doctrine and KS ships on contract in the home hole, but we also have a market and allow players to stock both as a way of making money.

  • Fun. See above.

  • Fights. Done beating that dead horse.

If you think you might be a good potential candidate for WHSOC, join our discord and/or reach out to Leonidas Ares for initial contact.

Killboard: Wormhole Society | Alliance | zKillboard

Discord: Wormhole Society

Individual recruitment: https://www.reddit.com/r/evejobs/comments/r4x6ym/whsoc_violence_is_the_answer_useu_wake_up_choose/

Edit: added last bullet under “Do not apply if…”

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