Worst Job?

Good evening. I just recently began using the forums, and I decided a good way to get to know my fellow capsuleers might be to use an icebreaker I once learned in business school. So: what is the absolute worst job you have ever undertaken?

For myself, I was once tasked by a Gallente agri-corp with transporting several containers of cryogenically frozen hens for a young colony. Unfortunately, one of the containers was sealed improperly, and to make matters worse, that container happened to be near an air duct opened for repairs. Half of that container was irrevocably lost and the vents would spit out feathers intermittently for months afterward, but luckily I was able to recuperate the loss somewhat by marketing a chicken purée.


My worst job was having to pretend I was a Provist Commissar and Kaalakiota lawyer for a couple of years.

The things you have to do for the Guristas.


Anything that required undocking


Fascinating. And this was posing as a Kaalakiota lawyer to someone else, or infiltrating Kaalakiota itself? If you’re able to say, of course, I know pirates can be strict about not sharing details.

I don’t know if I’ve had a worst job as such In EVE asa qualified pilot, but dealing with CODE when they were in their ascendency was fairly tedious and quite a chore … almost as bad as when I was an junior apprentice Mecroxite mining laser nozzle cleaner some years ago …


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Running the PR of a loyalist alliance after the nation you were loyal to had gone through a coup and a regime change, and no one had any clue what the new nation will look like. 0/5 cannot recommend would not sign up again.


I think the most physically and mentally exhausting ‘job’ I’ve had was supporting EDENCOM and fighting the Triglavians in their invasions that kept popping up at scheduled intervals reminiscent of a game of 'whack-a-furrier. ’ Especially since, all the while the organization body the empires were coordinating defense through appeared incompetent at best, corrupt and malicious at worst, and didn’t answer a damn one of our questions or concerns.


Being employed by an alliance loyal to your peoples greatest enemy, and having the pilots of your nation treat you as said enemy, despite the fact that employment was of crucial clan importance.


In my Imperial Navy days we were tasked with escorting a Theology Council Inquisitor to a Library station in the back end of nowhere. We were on watch for forty-six days waiting off that station.

Forty-six days of a crew having to maintain impeccable, beyond doubt or suspicion, behaviour under the beady eyes of an inquisitorial team. An Imperial Navy Destroyer crew. Nearly killed us.


I served as a Provist Auditing officer based on my credentials so infiltrating Kaalakiota itself.

Oh, and there was the defamation lawsuit brought forth by Intara Direct Action caused by my words against Kaalakiota. So there were people who strongly believed I was KK Corporate.

Deep space stakeout on possible Amarr slaver ships, had a squad of Valklears aboard, after a week of waiting I was sure they were going to either kill me or each other, after the mission we hit up a bar on a station over Teonusude III, to this day I’m not sure what was worse the mission or the hangover.


Monitoring packaging drones at a meat factory.

Why were you packaging drones in a meat factory?

The drones were doing the packing, I assume. Not that the drones were being packed.


Interesting. That strikes me as a waste of expensive technology. You should use labourers to do the packing. Save the expensive capital for a proper use.

Still, I gather he’s Gallentean, so we should make allowances.

You talk as though the Empire doesn’t have the second most automation in the cluster…

Though I suppose hypocrisy from the Amarr shouldn’t surprise me by this point.


I just almost explained Amarrian culture to you.

Go marry in already, obviously you are fully integrated…

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One time I went to see how the building construction commences on the planet surface, and it was freezing outside, I had pretty boots but they were bad for that weather so my feet got cold.

That was my worst “job” I can remember.

Worst job I ever had was working as a data analyst for Federal Intelligence. Finding out so many of our senators are furries was bad. Having to review the videos was worse…


Welcome to the forums, Nakamura. As you can see, you could post an image of a cat posed cutely in an empty pod with a quirky caption and somehow, this lot will still turn it into a great cross-factional debate.

For me? Prior to being “saved” by a Sebiestor and taken down to Matari space, I was a miserable untamed animal working as an engineer on an old jump-point station in Squid low sec. Gangs ruled most of the station’s levels, authorities were scarce and the only real protected areas were the main hangars. Thank the Tribes I got out of that mess.