[WTA] 150kk+ SP good pilot for new player and veteran

My good old character - Date of Birth 2007-02-15

All his life he was loyal to one corporation and has a clean history. As soon as a new owner is found, I will withdraw him from the corporation.

WTA - Starting Bid: 120B ISK
Buyout Price: 140B ISK
Auction Time: 3 week

+Positive traits+

  • All life time - 1 corporation
  • Unallocated SP - 1,469,286 points
  • Security Status - 5.01
  • Excellent sub cap pilot
  • Full Fleet Support Skills (without Spatial Phenomena Generation)
  • Good Corporation Management for Corp and Alli
  • Good stend - Minmatar Republic, Gallente Federation and Servant Sisters of EVE
  • Positive balance
  • No killrights
  • Location - empire territory by agreement
  • He has golden eggs :rofl:! Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79
  • Unnecessary skills —> into the necessary ones :slight_smile:
  • my transfer
  • and etc

-Negative traits-

  • capital ships are not well developed, but it’s easy to fix :slight_smile:

  • Any questions please just ask. Or in mail EVE

up :wink:

Your character must be in an npc corporation at the time of posting; you may relist your character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are met. Thank you.

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