WTA/WTS 5 Mil SP Basic Exhumer pilot/farm character

Location: Jita
EveSkillboard: Hey Grrl
No killrights for or against
Positive wallet and sec status
No assets included
2 free remaps available
185k unused skill points
0 jump clones.
Located in Jita
NPC noob Corp. No prior Corp history.
I pay transfer

Basic starter/fleet miner or character to farm SP on.

Auction ends : July 11, 2020 @ 1800 Eve Time

Start Bid: 2.5 Bil
BO: 4 Bil

2.5bil offer

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2.8bil offer

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3bil offer

Cancel my offer. I’m sorry.

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3 bil

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Thanks for the bids guys. Really close to BO, just hoping for a little more. Will leave this running another 24 then consider my options.

she is cute ok 3.3bil :slight_smile:

You’re cute too :slight_smile:
3.5 and call it good?

3.5bil offer

Sold :slight_smile: tyvm

Please send the ISK and your account info in game and I’ll send her right away. Thanks!

isk and emil sent. please check

Thank you for the sale, character transfer initiated and should be able to be logged in in 10 hrs as per CCPs waiting period. Appreciate this.

why you so fast? i can give you 3.7 bil -_-

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