WTA 16.4 mill SP PRODUCTION SCI Alt With Maxed PI 14 Bill Buyout

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alyssa_Zirud 16 is she still for sale?

@Ailyn_Vel_fett alyssa is still available
16 bill accepted
send isk & info & I’ll transfer
In 9 hours from this post when I get home from work

Willing to sell private?

sent you email

Wednesday Bump

Waiting to hear from @Ailyn_Vel_fett

I’ll take Alyssa for 9b. I’ll be online in about 3 hours if accepted.

9.2b on Alyssa

9.3b on alyssa

9.4b on Alyssa

13 BILL Buyout for Alyssa Zirud

14 BILL Buyout added for Ricky Akachi

I can offer 12b for Ricky Akachi.

14 bill will guarantee I will be yours

Friday bump

Saturday bump


Ricky &Alyssa are NOW training

Capital Ship Production Lvl 5

use the Buyouts now to get them now before the price goes up

Sunday bump

Tuesday bump

@Will_In_Ganable here

My Buyout is 14 Bill

OK, I’ll send the ISK in-game now to Ricky Akachi.

Eve mail Will In’Ganable so I can tell you which account I would like the toon moving too.

ISK sent, and message too.