WTA 16.4 mill SP PRODUCTION SCI Alt With Maxed PI 14 Bill Buyout

Ricky Akachi 21.1 MILL SP Sold 14 Bill

Oscar Linnelluc 20,5 mill SP Sold for 13 Bill

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alyssa_Zirud ----16.4 MILL SP

PW is 54321 FOR ALL Characters

Positive wallets
Not wanted
located in high sec but Oscar is in Nakugard 0.5
Complete set of plus 5 implants

ALL 3 Can & Have

Build Keepstars & other outpost

Maxed PI Skills

Build Super CAPS

Build Cloaky Transports

starting at 1 bill EACH

I Confirm I’M Up for Auction

I Confirm I’M Up for Auction

I Confirm I’M Up for Auction

Fixed Links




Sent you an ingame mail, kind sir.


Since quite a few of you. Emailed me about Ricky

I’ve decided to put a
14.5 bill Buyout on Ricky Akachi

11b oscar
7b alyssa

Getting closer to the Buyout for oscar

9.5 bil firm Ricky
9 bil firm Oscar
7.5 bil firm Alyssa

7.6 Alyssa

7.6B for this one


First to offer me 13 bill Buyout for oscar

Gets him

Meet me at 12b and deal

Sunday lunchtime at work Bump

13b for oscar

13 bill accepted for oscar send isk and info and I’ll transfer when I get home from work 14 hours from this post

Isk sent

isk & info received

13 Bill buyout for Oscar Linnelluc

transfer started 17 Mar 2020 02:38 please confirm on your end