Wta 226m sp With lots of clones

(Zariyana Severaque) #1


Selling this fun character.

Several capital ships at lvl 5.

Leadership skills 5

Also lots of pve skill Rorq 5 and JF 5


7 Pods with implants


Start bid 200b B/o 225b

(Robin Arkaral) #2

Mail sent.

(Mikasa Sotken) #3

175 b isk

(Zariyana Severaque) #4

Replied mails and Bump.

(Robin Arkaral) #5

207 billion ISK offered via in-game eve-mail.

(Zariyana Severaque) #6

Ingame offer accepted. Waiting for isk and account info.

(Robin Arkaral) #7

ISK and username have been sent.

(Zariyana Severaque) #8

Isk and account info received. Starting the transfer.