**WTA 104M SP Character PVP/PVE with +4.4 Sec Status**Unsubscribe First post

(M Blanc) #1

Character has 104M SP and is training Drone Sharpshooting 5 as I post this. Check the eveboard link for ship/weapon types, skills and STANDINGS

SOE - 6.93
Gallente Fed - 6.89
Minmitar Rep - 6.62
All of these listed are better in game due to skills.


There is a neural remap available.

He has 6 jump clones, 1 with virtues and the others with random implants.

No kill rights, no assets, positive security status, positive wallet and in a high sec trade hub.

Opening bid - 85 billion isk
Bid increments - 500 million isk
Buyout is - 100 billion isk
Reserve is hidden until that amount has been offered.

Auction ends the 2th of July at 22:00 eve time. I reserve the right to cancel this auction or accept any offers of my choice, at any time. I will pay all transfer fees as required.

(M Blanc) #2

This character is really good for w-space

(M Blanc) #3

TTT and some other BS cause its gotta be 5 characters minimum in the text here

(M Blanc) #4

Hello again

(Ananias Andedare) #5

70b bid, I know it’s lower than min price, but I will start you off with this, since you don’t get any offer yet :slight_smile:

(M Blanc) #6

Fair enough! Ananias has started the bidding at 70B.

(M Blanc) #7

Up to the top again

(Maizie Fields) #8

I’ll go 78b.

(M Blanc) #9

Cool! Bid is at 78B! Thank you! 3 days left!

(M Blanc) #10

Up once again.

(M Blanc) #11

1 more day. Any other bids?

(Madam Bazaar) #12

Somehow missed this post, I can go 79B

(Maizie Fields) #13

I’ll do 79.5b

(Madam Bazaar) #14


(M Blanc) #15

Auction is complete. I’ll contact the highest bidder to discuss closing this character sale. Thank you all for bidding.