[CLOSED] WTA 20M SP Ready for lvl 5 Mission and Anomaly

Hi to All,
auctioning my toon 20M SP (Unallocated 80k) skills as follows:

  • 1 Jump Clones
  • 1 Remaps

Gallente BC / HAC lvl 5
Good Drone Skills

  • No Kill Rights
  • Positive Wallet
  • located in HS
  • Toon is in NPC Corp
  • Security Status +1.6

I Pay the transfert.

Start bid: 10b
Bid Increment: 500mil
BO: 15b
Duration of auction: 7 days
End: 09/04/22 - 20:00 Evetime

Only Bump for Today! :grinning:

9b offer

12b buy

Friendly bump! :slightly_smiling_face:

Friendly bump!
1 Day left.


13 //////


oy ok 14


15 buy

:disappointed_relieved: :cry: :sob: :sleepy: :sneezing_face:

Hi all,
thx for this auction!

15B BO im ready for transfer.
Send me isk and user account.

i received isk send me your account name in game mail.

I paid for the character transfer.
Thanks again.

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