[SOLD] WTS 20.3m SP old link toon. Near perfect fleet support skills

(Nikita Croft) #1


Current minimum offer is 15.25b, as I have an offer for 15b. Increments of .25b acceptable

(LZHX Sabre) #2


(Inactive Seller) #3

false advertising. You have not mining fleet bonuses.

skill points 12b
you have 2 / 3 b for first 5m

No reputations, only can fly decent harbinger / legion.

You have not weapons, useless in combat, not have mining foreman boost.

You can get offer for 13b, i doubt someone give you 15b

i suggest to train for orca booster / extract

Not interested in purchase her.

(Nikita Croft) #4

up to the top

(Beekillrz) #5


(Absolute Truth) #6

15.25b offered

(Nikita Croft) #7

Daily bump

(Absolute Truth) #8

My offer will be withdrawn if not accepted within 5 hours of this post

(Nikita Croft) #9

Your offer is accepted as the highest bid, but I’m running this auction until tomorrow night.

(Absolute Truth) #10

My offer is either accepted or it is not accepted. If accepted, you need to state as much and request that I send you the isk/account info. If not accepted, then my offer will be withdrawn. I cannot wait until tomorrow with a pending bid. Please let me know.

(Nikita Croft) #11

Then it is not accepted

Highest bid is currently 15b

(Absolute Truth) #12

Renewing my bid for 15.25b, provided that the auction still closes tonight.

(Nikita Croft) #13

Bid accepted for 15.25b.

For sake of good order here’s the info I must inform according to forum guidelines:

  • Wallet balance is 1 isk.
  • there are no kill rights on this toon.
  • there are no jump clones in 0.0sec.
  • character is in a station in null-sec, region Stain, system TG-Z23. Medical clone home station is in high-sec, Hulm.

Assuming you are comfortable with the information above, please send isk and account details to Nikita Croft, and I will perform the transfer today.

(Absolute Truth) #14

I am comfortable with that information. Isk sent and account information sent via in-game mail. Thank you.

(Nikita Croft) #15

Character has been transferred!

Thank you for the trade Absolute Truth.

(Nikita Croft) #16

Character has been received. Thank you for the smooth transaction.

(system) #17

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