WTS 57M SP PVE and support character

This is a solid PVE char with great fleet support skills.

Eve Board: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kal_2012 (57 million SP with 800k unallocated SP)

Very good core skills
All BC at 5
Minmatar BS at 5 (with Large Projectiles at 5)
Logi 5 (with minmatar/gallente cruiser at 5)
Near perfect fleet support with all specialists skills at 5

Has two +4 jump clones with Republic Fleet Command Mindlink/Federation Navy Command Mindlink. Currently remapped to perc/will with 1 remap available.

I am looking for 45b reserve and 55b buyout.

Confirm I am selling myself.
Positive balance
Located in Jita 4-4 Station
No killrights

45 bil

46b isk ready

Thank you for starting it off.

46.5 bil

Thank you - bid noted.

Current highest bidder is Gattanera with 46.5 bil.

Daily bump

47.5b best offer

Confirmed and noted

Daily bump

Lowering the buyout to 50b.
Will let this run until sunday, if the buyout is not met before.

Daily bump.


Will close this auction 2 hours from now. If nothing changes it goes to @Absolute_Truth for 47.5b.

Will sell to @Absolute_Truth if still intrested. Please reply within the next 24h or I will either reopen or retract this auction.

Still interested. I’m on my way home and I’ll send the isk as soon as I return. Give me 30min to 1h please.

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Isk and account info received. Thank you. Will start the process within the next 24h.

Can you please confirm you started the transfer? I have not received a confirmation email.

Character just appeared on my account. Thank you!