SOLD - WTS 112M SP excellent PvP / Fleet Support character

Hello mates!

WTS myself, born 2007, combat oriented, perfect fleet support character, with excellent drone/guns/missiles skills.

Total number of SP is 112.5M , with 2.2M Unalocated.

Full learning clone (+5), another basic clone located in HS
1 remap

Character location is Jita.

Positive standings, no kill rights, positive wallet, in NPC Corp.

Some of the highlights:

  • All relevant Engineering skills to V
  • Armor skills all V, except Remote Armor Repair Systems which is IV
  • Great Shield Skills
  • Light,Medium,Heavy and Sentry Drones to V
  • All Fleet Support skills to V, except Mining Foreman and Wing Command
  • All Guns to V, specs to IV (except for triglavians , only skills are injected)
  • Missiles/Rockets/Torpedoes to V, specs to IV
  • All Navigation skills to V, except Cyno and MJD Ops to IV)
  • Cyber V, Biology V, Science V
  • Industry V , Jump Freighters IV, Transport Ships IV, Gallente Industrial V
  • JDO, JDC, JFC to V
  • All BS’s , BC’s, Cruisers, Dessies to V, Marauders V, BLOPS IV, Recons IV, Capital Ships IV
  • Gallente (Proteus) and Caldari (Tengu) IV, subsystems to V

Eve skillboard link:’Ra

I am not in rush, will stay for sale until i am satisfied with the offer.
I will make the transfer using CC, not plex.

Starting bid is 90B, B/O is set to 120B

Happy bidding!


to the top


contacted in game


Friendly bumperino

85b ISK ready!


got 110bil right now ready for transfer

Please send iskies and account name and i will start the transfer


You waiting on isk and acc name still?

I haven’t received ISK and acc name where to transfer the character.

just sent it over on an alt

Confirming that ISK and account name received. Will start transfer after DT

awesome, thanks!

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