[SOLD] 43M SP Fleet Support Specialist

The Basics
43M+ SP Fleet Support Specialist
Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Zeb_DaMadCEO
Neutral wallet
No kill rights, security status -0.1
Jump clone (skirmish command implant) located in I-NGI8
Character is in Amarr – Amarr VIII (Oris) Emperor Family Academy Station

14.5M+ SP in Fleet Support
309,255 unallocated SP
Command Ships V
Can fly all racial Command Ships
Ready to go with full Mid Grade Halo and Command Mindlink Implants
Remap available

Starting Bid: 30 bn
Buyout: 40 bn

When’s next remap? If available now, I’ll meet you half way and bid 35b. Otherwise, I bid 33.5b.

Remap is available now.

Not looking to drag this out unnecessarily - I’ll accept 35bn - online now if you want to close.

Ok, logging in to send isk and account info.

Transfer started.

Many thanks


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