SOLD - 107.9M SP Character - Dread V, Carrier V, FAX/Blops/Logi/HAC/Dictors V, etc

Fynos Board - Quantum Anomaly ( - Fynos

  • Located in Jita
  • No kill rights
  • NPC Corporation
  • 1 Jump Clone - Bourynes VII - AIR Laboratories (near Dodixie)

Excellent Combat Skills

  • 17+ Million SP GUNNERY
  • 9.79 Million SP Missiles
  • 8.8 Million SP Drones

Great Armor Skills

  • 2.87 Million SP

Great Shield Skills

  • 2.48 Million SP

Excellent Supporting Skills

Ship Command

  • Gallente Carrier V
  • Amarr Dread V
  • Logi V
  • Black Ops + Jump Skills V
  • Gallente/Minmatar/Amarr BS V
  • HAC V
  • Interdictors V
  • Interceptors V
  • Cover Ops V
  • All Destroyers/Tactical Destroyers V
  • Marauder / Freighter Ready

75 Ship Skins Collected

Starting Bid: 85B

B/O: 100B

Would you take a 95b offer for buyout?

100b b/o

Willing to accept the 100B B/O.

Will be home to access in an hour from now, but will stick with this offer so long as you do during the time between.

If this works for you I’ll update again at that time.

Works for me, let me know when you get home and I can send isk/details

Sorry they offered B/O first.

I’ll be back to access account in about an hour. If that works for them it’ll go through, if not it’ll fall to you.

Sounds good, will keep you posted.

Available now for isk/details.

isk/details sent

isk/details received.


A pleasure o/