[SOLD] WTS Main - 81.4mil SP - Fleet Support/EWAR/Logi/Missiles

In NPC Corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character in High-Sec
No jump clones
Can move freely in high sec (0.5 sec status)

255,000 unallocated skill points

Alternate Skill View

  • All-round main with missile focus
  • Excellent Fleet Support
  • Good EWAR and Logi
  • Good support skills
  • Good range of ship skills
  • PI
  • Tengu

This character is sitting idle at the moment so I may as well move it on. But I am in no hurry to sell so low-balls will be ignored.

Offers above 60bil considered.

Edit: Auction will end 20:00 Eve Time 29/03/2024

Sorry couldn’t view your character on the board
Appreciate it much if you could take trouble to look into it

Thanks for letting me know! Hmmm. Not sure why that’s happened. I’ve also noticed it still shows the character in a Corp, when it’s back in a starter Corp. Hopefully this will all resolve after the shutdown shortly.

Try this alternate: https://www.qsna.eu/eve/characters/1422058839/standings

60 bil B/O

61b B/O

62B offer

65B offer

66B B/O

Auction will end 20:00 Eve Time 29/03/2024

If no higher bids are made by then this character will go to Ishee Makara

67b offer

70b B/O

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A nice round number. I will accept 70bil B/O from Ishee Makara.

Send ISK and account details

Many thanks

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Be home in one hour and will send the isk here

No problem and no rush. I’ll keep looking out for the ISK so I can get the character transferred to you as soon as possible for the weekend.

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isk and info send :wink:

ISK received. Character transfer in progress now (18:50 Eve Time 29/03/2024).

Many thanks and enjoy :grin:

toon received thanks