WTA 118M SP Char Can fly all subcaps (Bidding ends March 20th 8PM EST)

Hello Guys!

WTS myself, born 2007, combat oriented, perfect fleet support character, with excellent drone/guns/missiles skills.

Total number of SP is 118M

Character location is Jita

Positive standings, no kill rights, positive wallet, in NPC Corp.

Some of the highlights:

  • All relevant Engineering skills to V
  • Armor skills all V, except Remote Armor Repair Systems which is IV
  • Great Shield Skills
  • Light,Medium,Heavy and Sentry Drones to V
  • All Fleet Support skills to V, except Mining Foreman and Wing Command
  • All Guns to V, specs to IV (except for triglavians , only skills are injected)
  • Missiles/Rockets/Torpedoes to V, specs to IV
  • All Navigation skills to V, except Cyno and MJD Ops to IV)
  • Cyber V, Biology V, Science V
  • Industry V , Jump Freighters IV, Transport Ships IV, Gallente Industrial V
  • JDO, JDC, JFC to V
  • All BS’s , BC’s, Cruisers, Dessies to V, Marauders V, BLOPS IV, Recons IV, Capital Ships IV
  • Gallente (Proteus) and Caldari (Tengu) IV, subsystems to V

Eve skillboard link:


I will make the transfer using CC, not plex.

Bidding starts at 85B

B/O is set to 120B




85 B Offer

if this offer still stands on March 20th at 8PM Est and i have no higher bids he is yours

bump current highest bidder is Ollie bidding ends March 20th at 8 EST


I regret to inform you I might have to retract by bid, CCP thinks my account is compromised and has banned me. I did some research and I figure it will take weeks to get it sorted out. Sorry mate.

86B ISK offer

all good bud hope everything gets worked out

bid noted you are current highest bidder

I can offer 90B

You are current highest bidder ill look again when i get home tonight the bidding ends tonight at 8 est

91b bid


96b bid

you are current highest bid about 45 minutes till auction ends

you have won the bidding send acc info and isk and i will promptly send him over

ISK and account info will be sent shortly. I am logging in now