WTS 5.2 mil SP starter toon

(Hallucinations) #1


I am looking for a quick sell of this toon,

Plans changed and dont need it anymore


Looking for 3 - 4 bil

I am paying for the transfer,
All CCP rules apply

Fly safe o/

(Sarah Baxter) #2

no tinterested but password is 1234

(Mj11jM Hegirin) #3

3.25B offer

(TheBank Manager) #4


(Mj11jM Hegirin) #5

3.75 Bilion

(TheBank Manager) #6

4b offe

(Hallucinations) #7

I see no interrest in a fast transfer, I will let it run till tomorrow at 16:00 eve time and close the deal with whoever is highest and wants

(Tyronnix) #8

I’ll match 3.5b instant isk ready to be sent

(Hallucinations) #9

I am online again for 2-3 hours

Lets see if I can find a buyer

starting fresh from last active bid at 3.5b, if nothing comes up it goes to Tyronnix

(Hallucinations) #10

offer still up?

(Nandea) #11

3,8b isk rdy

(Tyronnix) #12

Yep. I’ll be able to send everything shortly

(Hallucinations) #13

@Tyronnix send isk and account info

leaving soon, if I dont have an answer, I will close this auction and come back saturday

(Nandea) #14

@Hallucinations Offer stands

(Hallucinations) #15

@Nandea, deal, send isk and account info pls

(Nandea) #16

@Hallucinations Isk and account info sent.

(Hallucinations) #17

Target user has too many characters

(Nandea) #18

Crap give me a minute ill clear out now.

(Hallucinations) #19

no problem, just tell me when ready :slight_smile:

(Nandea) #20

@Hallucinations new info sent :slight_smile: