[CLOSED] WTS 154.3M SP PvP Toon Sub and Capital Skill [TRANSFER]

Hi to All,
auctioning my toon 154.3M SP (Unallocated 410k) skills as follows:

  • Kalek Astroth

  • 7 Jump Clones (Located in HS):

  • 2 x Full set Mid-grade Crystal

  • 1 x Full set Mid-grade Snake

  • 1 x Full set Mid-grade Amulet

  • 3 x Normal attribute implant +3/+4

Amarr Carrier lvl 5
All BS lvl 5 (No Precursor)
All BC lvl 5 (Precursor lvl 4)
All Subsystems lvl 5
Good Missiles Skills
Ready To Fly Rorqual

  • 3 Remaps
  • No Kill Rights
  • Positive Wallet
  • located in Jita
  • Toon is in NPC Corp
  • Security Status +2.6

Start bid: 95b
Bid Increment: 1b
BO: 135b
Duration of auction: 7 days
End: 09/03/22 - 20:00 Evetime

80B offer

85b offer

86B offer

95b ready

96b isk ready,

97b ready

Perfect. 99B!

105b ready

110b, isk ready now

115b ready

117 b isk ready ty,

120b offer

122b offer

123b, isk ready now

124b offer

129 b isk ready ofc ty,

130b offer

Thx for your offert, this was what I wanted to get.
I accept your 130b offer as a BO.
If you agree we can close this auction and complete the character transfer.

hello my friend,I accept the deal. I can trade now