SOLD-xfer started- WTS 91+sp! pure pvp toon! no waste no indu no caps

Selling this toon

EveSkillboard - Marley Olacar

This toon is a pure pvp warrior! he have no waste on! no industrial skills, no capital skills! 4 races and a lotsss to play as maxed pilots!

  • Armor, Engineering, Navigation, Shield, SubSystems, targeting MAXED! (no caps)

  • Crazy spaceships choices to pilots!

  • Clone 1: High-grade Crystal set

  • Clone 2: +5 set

  • Clone 3: +4 set

Everything is in High sec! Toon have positive SS and wallet! No kill right!

Extractable Value is 57 bil isk!

Start bid 57 bil isk
Offer for buy out

i pay transfer fee and respect all CCP rules!
Good Luck !!!

if this is still available in a week i may make an off nice toon! but enjoy the free bump

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65b offer

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thx Phoenix O for the bid!

i close this auction in 24hr from now! Highest bid won!
best bid atm Phoenix O with 65 bil isk

auction done now!

congrats to Phoenix O for 65 bil isk!

send isk and account name plz ill start transfer after!

isk will send in 24hrs, plz wait thx

no prob just tell me here when isnk send :wink:

Noob question and sorry to highjack thread. What does “offer for buy out” mean?

offer for buy out mean an offer to buy the toon now! not a normal bid but a bid to buy it now if price is ok with seller!
hope this help :wink:

cheers, it does :slight_smile:

still need time?

sry for waiting, internet cant work yesterday, still need time to prepare isk. Give me one day thx.

ok tell me when rdy :wink:

Can I offer 70 bil if your deal with Phoenix O will fall through?

I already accepted to give winner 24hr to get isk, I will respect that!
After this count down, if your offer is still on table I will accept it! Thx for your interest!!

Okay, c u tomorrow then :slight_smile:

isk sent already, plz check and start transfer

Transfert started! Enjoy the toon!! :wink:

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