!SOLD! WTS 2007 Toon 165M+ SP Cap/Subcap Pilot 5 Day Bid !SOLD!

Bidding Starts at 100B ISK. I will accept highest offer 6/2/23.

No other assets or ISK in sale.

I inherited toon from another player a few years ago. Mixed standings. Sitting in Perimeter trade station in High Grade Halo pod. Mainly Rev/Phoenix pilot. Full list of skills and ships here.


125bil buy out. Isk in hand and can send now

I will do 130b right now. Transfer happens tonight if you send isk and account in next hour.

i can do 130b right now if u interested, do u accept and send the isk?

can do 130.5 right now


@Trinity_XI @aryzz please send your best and final in the next 60 seconds and we will get this done.




mate u only making it more difficult, u got some toons today don’t be greedy.

@aryzz u stopped? no profit for u anymore?

we can keep this going
how deep is your wallet?

i dont see u bidding anymore, and FYI quite higher than urs


134.5 going once

hm u can keep it now at 134.5b, not worth the effort anymore

@aryzz send isk and account info. I’ll transfer asap

got it, give me a minute to login

@Trinity_XI thanks for playing. good luck on future endeavors.