As the title says I am selling a 62 mil sp with 3 mil unallocated SP toon that has almost perfect Rorqual skills (perfect if you inject the 3 mil unallocated sp), very good capital, science, and refining skills that can pilot an Erebus Titan with T2 guns.

Npc corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights

Bellow, you got the skillboard

Starting bid 45 bill
B/O 60 bil

Daily bump

daily bump - starting bid and buyout lowered

40b here

Would love to get a bit more

50b. Toon is not set up to do really good at anything, just decent at some things. I can pay right now.

EDIT: Negotiated price of 52bil final offer.

bid accepted at 52 bil
character transfered - waiting for isk transaction

Just to note an anomaly, per the rules the payment is supposed to be made to the character being transferred, however the seller has transferred the character before this was complete. It has been arranged for payment to Seeker Joe.

transaction finalized - thank you!

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