WTS 33M sp Rorqual pilot for sale 250k unallocated SP

i am selling myself,
positive wallet
NPC corp
current location teonusude
Remap available 03/12/18
currently in alpha state

starting bid 21 Bil
B/O 25 bil

Do you have a link to the skills etc?


21b offered

thank you for the bid the highest bid in 12 hours will get the charector

21.5 bil

Can Leah edit the post stating that she is receiving the ISK and paying the transfer fee. ty


23 bil

25b b/o

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Thank you for the bids I will be taking the b/o offer as rules apply please send isk and confirm purchase and I will send the character as soon as available. Although if not confirmed within 6hours I will take your offer fadic at 25bil

Confirmed. Isk/ info will be sent within 3 hours when I get to my lunch break, cheers.

Thank you for confirmation

isk/ info sent to leah Ormand

Isk received I will be making the transfer within the hour

Character has been transferred to your account

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