[SOLD] WTS 183.3M SP Good PvP Toon Sub-Capital-Supercapital

Hi Capsulers
welcome to this auction.
Auctioning my toon born 2005 / 188.32 SP, skills as follows:

Kosa Tera’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

  • Great name
  • 4 jump clone available
  • positive wallet
  • no kill rights
  • free remap

Start bid: 120b
Bid Increment: 1b
BO: 170b

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95 bil

offer 100 bil

free bump

offering 104 bil, isk ready

offer 107 bil, isk ready

108 bil

109 bil

110 bil

111 bil

daily bump

daily bump

offer 120 bil

last offer 120b

offer accepted

Can I send ISK and account information? @Kosa_Tera

yes of course

ISK transferred
Account info send via in-game email.

Please confirm char transfer

confirm ISK receive

confirm char transfer