WTS - 14M SP (out of which 4M unallocated SP) Toon

Hello :wink:

Trying to sell my second account due to the fact I barely use in years.

  • Will be sold with Sec status positive.
  • Will be sold with Wallet positive.
  • Will be in NPC corp in Jita at time of sale
  • Will be sold with No kill rights
  • It has around 200M in assets (skill books, cruiser, exhumer) around the galaxy

All information: Skillboard link
Starting Bid is for 6.5B.


4,5 b

6 bil

If you raise your bid by 0.5B, itโ€™s yours :wink:

6.5 bil.

Confirmed for Alberto Arji.
That would work for me. Please let me know here on the forum when ISK is sent and give me the account name in ingame mail, where I have to transfer the character to and Iโ€™ll initiate the transfer asap.

In case Alberto Arji backs down on his offer - 7b b/o offer

isk sent .

Account transferred :wink:

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