Wts 40 ml sp toon

Hello guys, I decided to sell my toon before New year.


All ccp rules applied. (Npc corp, wallet in positive, no kill rights, etc.)

Starting bid 28 bil
B/o 33 bil

28 bil


30 bil

31b b/o


Ok when u can start transfer?

When i get isk ill start transfer

via plex or cc?

Plex i can do cc if you can pay 33b

no ty i can give u 31b with cc


I said my offer if not than cancel your bid pls

ok. my bid cancled…

As i said for transfer with plex 31b is ok for me… so you can pay only 31b

his bids were withdrawn so my highest bid is 30b

Hmm…ok lets do 30b…

I’ll do the 33 for the CC transfer :slight_smile:

Awesome mate) lets do it than) and thx)

Isk and account name sent