WTS almost 6m sp toon

selling this toon Character Sheet
has a good name
secstatus 0.0
positive wallet
no kill right
NPC corp, jc in Jita 4-4
all ccp rules apply

BO 5bill, nothing less (if you wana offer more, surprise me!)
for those iskies billionaires: make my day!

BO 5 bil

bo accepted, send isk and account to receive toon,
already sent you an ingame mail.

Hello ufont! I got your ingame offer for additional 1mil of unallocated SP for total price 6bil and accept it with great pleasure. Will transfer you 6 bil right now.

as we agreed, sp loaded unallocated,receved isk and toon transfer is in progress.
ccp has been paid too. fly safe m8!

Everything went very smooth, thanks a lot.
Regards and fly safe

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