[WTA] Mighty Tiamat - 14.3 Million skill pts

Mighty Tiamat Eveboard

General skill spread but not just a free character. Has skills for covert ships as well as other helpful abilities.

No Kill Rights
Security Status 0.0
No standings other than starting agent
Wallet will be 0 at time of transfer and is currently positive
Basic Set of Implants (+3)

Current Attributes: (PER 30, MEM 20, WIL 24, INT 20, CHA 20) - Remap available

4 Jump clones located near trade hubs but not in those systems:
Abudban, Ashab, New Caldari, Vylade (No implants in clones)
Currently training meaningless skills for the points
Loacted in High Sec

Bidding will continue until Friday 9/8 unless I accept a buyout offer.
Minimum bid 15 billion ISK
I will pay for the transfer.

Character has never participated in PVP and was used primarily for hauling and cynos.

Still looking for bids. I will consider anything

5.5 bill

6bil, isk ready right now!!

6.5 also ready right now :stuck_out_tongue:

to be deleted

7.2bil from me

8bil final offer

8 was my max but since I was called fake


to be deleted

my 8.1 stands

Good to see bids but I am still looking for more.

This character has nearly perfect planetary skills and is great for hauling with covert ops training. Also great for cyno routes.

This character is still up for auction

6.5bil… offer only valid for the next 4 hours

6.5bil… offer only valid for the next 4 hours

or, you know… he could take the 8.1 I offered him already? Just a thought anyway

that 8.1bil was a fake bid… that’s how it hasn’t been sold!!! 8bil for 14mil SP is OVERPRICED!!!

that 8.1bil was a fake bid… that’s how it hasn’t been sold!!! 8bil for 14mil SP is OVERPRICED!!!

well technically if I were to simply extract and sell I could make about 7.65b just from the injectors… that is figuring in extractors, and yes I’m estimating prices.

But as it is, THIS particular char has a few skills I want in addition to extracting some so I’m willing to go slightly up on that price.

Despite you thinking you have a monopoly on buying chars, and despite you being able to do it on higher sp chars than I can since you have more isk… I am not fake bidding… Try to get that through your head… You don’t know me… I don’t use my primary char to purchase that is true… but that is my prerogative, as long as I send the ISK when a bid is accepted is all that matters.

So kindly sod off and quit telling me that I am driving up prices for you, or accusing me of fake bidding simply because I am hurting your profit margins. If I decide I want a char on these boards I WILL bid on it, and it WILL be a real bid… as for the chars value… that is for each bidder to decide for themselves… not you

If you think I am fake then by all means tell CCP They are pretty strict about char trading so Im sure they can clear up who I am and if Im real pretty quickly.

i’m 100% you’re the owner who is trying to pump up the price!! hahahhaa, good luck waiting dude…

And you would be 100% incorrect… Id try to prove it to you but honestly… whats the point as I said, feel free to contact CCP about me… all they need to do is look at the OP and my IP

Beyond that, think what you want to it doesn’t hurt me