WTA Rare ‘New Eden Open I’ T-shirt Male & Female


I’m returning to the game and looking to auction off a pair of my ‘New Eden Open I’ T-shirt both Male & Female.

This is for both the male & female t-shirts.
Happy to sell separately too.

Starting bid 1B.

Auction ends Monday 19th at 18:00 UTC

When does the auction end? I’ll offer 1.5B

Good point. Sorry about that and thanks for your bid.

I’ll end it in 48 hours on Monday 19th at 18:00 UTC. Updating original post.

Bump. This is closing today at 18:00 UTC.


Congrats they’re yours if you still want them. Contact me ingame and we’ll get it sorted via contract etc

Awesome! Set the contract up, i’ll be ingame tomorrow to claim it!

@Shaktar Done.

I also have a pair of New Eden II t shirts, if you’re also interested in them let me know.

Awesome, are they in the same location?

They are. Same price?

sure thing, contract them when you got a chance

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