WTA Shadow Serpentis 25000mm Steel Plates

BEHOLD: I have “Shadow Serpentis 25000mm Steel Plates” (yes, the module itself, not the bpc)

This item is fairly rare, and anyone interested in buying will understand how rare.

The item will be in Jita 4:4 and the contract will be placed with the person who places the winning bid.

Starting Bid: 2.5bn ISK
B/O: 7bn ISK (yup)
End Date: 13/5/2018

People can PM me with private offers, and consequently I may pull the offer at any time.

Finally, no module debate please. I know the item’s stats relative to equivalent modules etc etc. The people who are interested in this item won’t be bidding for those reasons.

up up up we go…

to the top

750m bid

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