WTS Shadow Serpentis 10000mn AB

In Jita 4-4. Taking offers. 7.3 bil on market, willing to be flexible.

3b if it doesnt sell

way too low.

@Alexa_Snekman Questionable. Base price is 5b, and the sell price for the same Domination AB is 4.2b. If you expect offers above 4b, you’ll be waiting for a while:)

uhuh. keep trying to low ball. you can buy one in jita now for 7.3. go haggle somewhere else.

You can certainly buy one for 7.3b, just as you can buy a Leopard for 190b. But you can’t sell it for 7b unless you are willing to wait a year. And that’s jita, not sales ads.

up again.

up again

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