WTA Ship Log collection - Rare/Collectables

I have a collection of rare Ship Logs for auction (includes a complete set of Serpentis logs)

Sitting in Jita

Starting bid: 2b

Angel Ship Log 109285473
Angel Ship Log 137863054
Angel Ship Log 165462566
Angel Ship Log 174132231
Angel Ship Log 303445882
Angel Ship Log 343873495
Angel Ship Log 349584483
Angel Ship Log 516543793
Angel Ship Log 523366291
Angel Ship Log 583225679
Blood Raider Log 114019732
Blood Raider Log 118338758
Blood Raider Log 167593883
Blood Raider Log 335499422
Blood Raider Log 389314943
Blood Raider Log 397001231
Blood Raider Log 518719843
Blood Raider Log 533870654
Blood Raider Log 534970023
Guristas Ship Log 108634544
Guristas Ship Log 119373337
Guristas Ship Log 125792289
Guristas Ship Log 175568934
Guristas Ship Log 365764054
Guristas Ship Log 524785540
Guristas Ship Log 534987422
Guristas Ship Log 573652885
Serpentis Ship Log 103298223
Serpentis Ship Log 12682884
Serpentis Ship Log 144391348
Serpentis Ship Log 166832001
Serpentis Ship Log 187076356
Serpentis Ship Log 303248612
Serpentis Ship Log 378922371
Serpentis Ship Log 381038422
Serpentis Ship Log 501163556
Serpentis Ship Log 534643764
Serpentis Ship Log 598549355

:cry: history of Eve is past its sell by date

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