WTA Virtuoso b/o 135B

(Snedige Rekel) #1

Yes! this is an auction for the Prize ship of the ATXV!

As Blueprint or ship. Whatever you like.


Located 1 jump from a famous high-sec trading hub

(Alocose) #2

Please eve mail me your buyout price


(Snedige Rekel) #3

You could start with a bid. I don’t have a buyout price in mind.

(Snedige Rekel) #5

B/O @ 135B…

(Snedige Rekel) #6

still there

(Undead Minion) #7

Since its an auction, lets at least start somewhere.

80bil bid

(Amon Calis) #8

95 bill.

(Snedige Rekel) #9

No thanks

(Snedige Rekel) #10

well… Everyone got his ISK stuck in stuff i suppose

(Snedige Rekel) #11

Probably stuck with it. Offers welcome

(Achura Deteis) #12

is it an auction if you dont accept offers? :thinking:

(Vengadora) #13

110b mail in game plz

(Snedige Rekel) #14

Open for bids, indeed

(Snedige Rekel) #15

Still there

(Snedige Rekel) #16

Best investment in game. Never has an AT ship dropped in price

(Carrie Mehome) #17

It dropped because its the shittier bomber ever made

(system) #18

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