WTA Virtuoso b/o 135B

Yes! this is an auction for the Prize ship of the ATXV!

As Blueprint or ship. Whatever you like.


Located 1 jump from a famous high-sec trading hub

Please eve mail me your buyout price


You could start with a bid. I don’t have a buyout price in mind.

B/O @ 135B…

still there

Since its an auction, lets at least start somewhere.

80bil bid

95 bill.

No thanks

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well… Everyone got his ISK stuck in stuff i suppose

Probably stuck with it. Offers welcome

is it an auction if you dont accept offers? :thinking:

110b mail in game plz

Open for bids, indeed

Still there

Best investment in game. Never has an AT ship dropped in price

It dropped because its the shittier bomber ever made

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