WTB 10-15 million SP for extraction and skill farm

Looking for a character I can extract 5-10 million SP from and then set up as a perma skill farm. Doesn’t particularly matter where the skills are, they will just be extracted. Needs to either be set up for a skill farm with attributes maxed for efficiency on any type of skill or have at least 1 remap left. I’m not looking for a pristinely planned character, if that’s what you have you could probably get more from someone looking for that. I’m looking for a pure melt.

you interested in something already at 5mil SP? I have 2 chars that you could setup with remaps for skill farming. Let me know here or in game. Mr Sleestak


No im looking for one that has 10-15 million so I can extract 5-10 mil from it and then continue to run it as a skill farm after that

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