WTB Scrapmetal Processing 5 (at least 5mil SP, but can be up to 30...don't care about other skills)

Only requirements:

  • 5 Million Skillpoints (or up to about 30mil’ish)
  • Scrapmetal Processing 5
  • Cybernetics 5, or enough unallocated SP to train it
  • at least 1 remap available (unless maxed on Int primary and Mem secondary)

These are preferred and will be favored in my decision

  • Salvaging 5
  • Noctis skills

Nothing else matters to me, though PI or Research skills would be nice as well

Challenge accepted!
Will update soon

I figured you’d be here :smiley: lol

You have very unusual requests and I always like a good challenge :slight_smile:
Also you know this isn’t gonna turn out to be a scam so there’s that lol

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still looking

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