WTB 10~20m SP Minmatar PVP focused character

Looking for a minmatar with the following:

  • Minmatar bloodline (Brutor or Sebiestor)
  • A good name
  • Little wasted SP on non-combat skills
  • Good Gunnery and Missile skills
  • V’s for Minmatar ships at-least up to Cruiser (Minmatar Battleship is a plus, cross training into Gallente is allowed)
  • Atleast IV’s in Minmatar Drone Specialization, Covert Ops,
  • III’S in Minmatar Subsystems, Cybernetics

I will start a new character and inject if there are no minmatar pvp characters for sale within the next day!

EDIT: New character created. No longer buying.

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