WTB 10B-50B major in ore or hel or nyx char

i want to buy two types
1.can drive rorqual ,use the drone
2.can drive nyx/hel

no high skills needing, welcome and thanks to show yourself

https://eveskillboard.com/password/orb_revival pass 41
40m+ sp
focus char for nyx (nyx and heavy fighters 5, jdc 5, armor 5, etc)
hg asklepian, hg amulet (slave)
neon (green) and police skins on nyx
price 45b

i saw 38m not 40+ on the char, yet the skills focus on nyx make me satisfied.
as a char completely focus on nyx. if you can accept 1b=1m i will buy it .please think it over

http://prntscr.com/pjkr7v 40b with 2 hg implat set is lowprice, min 45

woh, first i apologize ,i forgot the free skills and the slave , your price is worth .
43b i ll buy it now


actually your price i want accept,but why you are still in a player company?

i got out my corporation, may be eveskillboard have delay?

it said update in seconds beforeUploading: Screenshot_20191015_215557_com.tencent.mtt.jpg…

my mistake, I forgot to leave the corporation before showing you my skills. the character is in the corporation’s NPS, has no killrights, has a positive balance.

i will waiting for you leave.your league

Im in npc corp))

just check ingame character


isk has sent

email has sent

i received isk and account name.I begin the transfer.Enjoy the char:)
I check my credit card and my bank taking my last 20$ for use credit card. i will tranfer with plex( ticket created

i accept him,

emmm, maybe you can teach me how to leave , the clone is too value

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