WTB 2 Frig/Destroyer/cruiser PVP Pilot

Topic says, i want to buy 2 Characters with good pvp Skills for Frigates/Destroyers and cruiser will be a nice Bonus, offer me what u get, dont look for more like this 3 ship sizes :slight_smile:
hope for some good offers from you :slight_smile:


Im currently for sale. Exactly as specified - trained specifically for small gang work - so can fly Frig/Dessie/Cruiser, all 4 races at V, including Recon, Covops and Inty at V (and some others at IV), plus all related sized weaponry at V, plus great supporting skills.

May be a bit more than what you’re looking for, but can do a whole lot more - and still for those ship types :slight_smile:

Current high bid is 39b. Ending this weekend (or could be convinced to end earlier with a higher bid)

Hope you find it of interest. Link to the sale page and eveboard below:


Thanks for fast Selling, still search for 1 Toon :slight_smile:
Offer me what u got :slight_smile:

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