WTB 20-30m SP Drone focused Pilot

Seeking pilot with min 20m around 30m max SP focused in drones. Not looking at wasted skills like mining, social, or anything noncombat.

Post pilots with skills and price. Be open to a better price then what you think it’s worth.


little bit more but good drone skills WTS 46 Mil Sp Toon

Wow those skills are all over the place. Haha

I will offer you 20b for it. I’m looking for drone skills. You have good drone skills and fly Caldari. Still, a lot of training is needed on this.

I will accept your price if your still interested in this toon.

Post in my forums please

Posted the 20b Bo in your post. Confirm it and I will send isk and account info to send the pilot.

Alrdy done

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