Looking for starter drone pilot

Looking for starter drone pilot.
Prefer hard drone skills, some enginering and navigation. NO Gunnery and Rockets, science or mining.
Up to 10b


Thx for reply but so low sp for this price



5.4m sp
drone int V
Light drones V

1.1m sp in engineering
600k in navigation
860k in armor
415k in shields
50k in targeting
only 1400 in gunnery, and 0 in missiles

2m sp in drones

located in npc corp and in Jita 4-4

I’m happy to discuss the price. I assumed 20 EUR of transfer fee equals ~2b with current PLEX price.

You still looking? I changed up doug a little bit. But is even more drone focused now.

will drop it to 5.5b

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