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Drones V. Armor V. Armor comp. IV.

Bump up

Bump up

Bump Up

How much you looking to spend? I have a 40 mil SP pilot I’m thinking about selling. Ishtar pilot with other skills

Can rip out un needed skills if you would like to keep cheap.

Advanced Drone Avionics 4
Afterburner 4
Armor Layering 3
Armor Rigging 3
CPU Management 5
Drone Avionics 5
Drone Durability 4
Drone Interfacing 4
Drone Navigation 5
Drone Sharpshooting 5
Drones 5
EM Armor Compensation 4
Evasive Maneuvering 4
Explosive Armor Compensation 4
Fuel Conservation 4
Gallente Cruiser 5
Gallente Drone Specialization 4
Heavy Assault Cruisers 4
Heavy Drone Operation 5
Hull Upgrades 5
Kinetic Armor Compensation 4
Light Drone Operation 5
Mechanics 5
Medium Drone Operation 5
Navigation 4
Power Grid Management 5
Sensor Linking 4
Sentry Drone Interfacing 5
Spaceship Command 5
Thermal Armor Compensation 4
Thermodynamics 3
Warp Drive Operation 4

Cloaking 4
I need this skills

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