WTS - 41 mil SP PVP / PVE / Perfect Scanning


Focused sub cap with all support skills
Caldari - Frig / Cruiser V
Gallente - Frig / Cruiser V
Minmatar - Frig / Cruiser V
Precursor Cruiser V
Mining Frigate V

Covert Ops V
Recon IV

All Scanning skills maxed out

Missile / Drone focused

Perfect Tengu hunter

41 mil SP

Starting bid 32 bil

B/O = Make offers

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Daily Bump

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Bump up.


Thanks for the bump offers over 32 bil will only be consider.


If that is limit I can rip skills to meet 25 bil. Currently skills are worth 32 bil.

To inject this toon would cost around 72 bil so 42 bil B/O is good deal

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Bump up

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Bump up.

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@Caesar_ertorius 34 bil noted if no other offers for 24 hours then all yours

Sorry, I have already bought another character I will delete my offer.

25bil B/O Is still valid

Thank for the bump. Current skills 32 bil, if 25 is your highest I can rip skills to meet that price

Since the price is the same, why not consider my offer, your income has not changed

Eveskillboard updated. Can rip skills for 28 bil. It would cost a person 43 bil to inject 41.5 mil skillpoints.

Starting bid = 32 bil

New B/O = 38 bil