WTS 11.5 mil SP starter TENGU pilot

(Sydney Bristow) #1


I want to sell myself,
10mil SP
Pass: 1234

10B starting bid

B/O not set

I will run this auction for one week
I will pay for transfer,

(Sydney Bristow) #2

Daily bump

Ready to go Tengu toon

(Sydney Bristow) #3

Daily bump. Still up for sale

(Sydney Bristow) #4


Finishing missiles in a few days

(Sydney Bristow) #5

Daily bump

(Sydney Bristow) #6


11mil SP ready to sell

(Figgles J) #7

Bid: 10B

(Figgles J) #8

Offer retracted

(Monkey0ps) #9

Offer: 7.5b if at all interested. I won’t budge fyi.

(Sydney Bristow) #10

Nothing less than 10bil, sorry

Heavy missiles 5
Heavy assault missiles 5
Tengu skills already maxxed

(Monkey0ps) #11

I’m having trouble liking 10b due to the character missing Weapon fitting skills and those are over a month training. I’ve reconsidered 8b but I think that’s all I can justify without those.
Oh and not all tengu skills are maxed just the subsystems. Which level 5 is only 4 day training on each and they can be lost.

(Sydney Bristow) #12

Thanks for the bump

Not selling for less, focused tengu skills, no wasted, 11mil SP

Only if you do the math for the SP its worth more than what I ask.

(Sydney Bristow) #13

Daily bump!

Give me an offer

(Sydney Bristow) #14

Daily bump

(Sydney Bristow) #15


Still for sale

(Sydney Bristow) #16


11.5 mil SP

(Hunter Roy) #17

Still no buyout set?

(Sydney Bristow) #18

As it is, I will sell it for 12bil if done soon

(Hunter Roy) #19

interested will get back with you in the next hour

(Hunter Roy) #20

decided not to buy gl